First initial setup, not homing, red blinking light and blue light

Just set up my new AUFERO Laser 2 machine, all wires correctly installed, getting 24v from power. But not making any noise, just a red flashing light , sometimes a solid red light and a blue solid light over the computer port, it connects to my computer software GRBL but says “system busy”. I just bought a new laptop with a decent GPU so I can use my 3D printer and laser engraver/cutter but the laser 2 isn’t working right out of the box, I’ve rechecked all wires and connectors, I’ve reset the device a few times, nothing will get it to work, not even a click or not even the fan on the laser itself turns on. Did I buy a lemon or is there a way to get this thing working? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Be aware that your laser doesn’t come equipped with limit switches and will not home at startup.

Can you open Device Manager and confirm that your laser is detected and has a COM port assigned under the Ports section?

Where are you seeing this? Can you take a screenshot? Also, are you talking about LaserGRBL?

Have you attempted to configure the laser in LightBurn?

Can you describe what you’re doing when you do this?

You will not get a laser or fan until you have a working connection to the computer and request these things to occur.

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