First logo tile using NWT method

Jack Wilborn helped me save this when I noticed a typo in my contact info when I was over an hour in to the 4 hour run that produced my first project for a stranger. Not paid but it was a return of favor for them providing me with material samples. The following is the story as I posted it on my Facebook page:

I’m fairly pleased with this logo tile that I did for a local tile store. The logo and text are indelible. (Part of the cleaning process after making it involves acetone and a metal paint scraper.) I added the custom mahogany frame just to make it present better. Who knows who may use my contact info to get some laser work done…
A little while back, I went in to try to buy some slate tiles. They had beautiful 12"x12" polished slate but since I haven’t done any test burns with my laser, I couldn’t really justify buying them yet at $12.00 each for testing. The lady I was dealing with simply said “then take that one and do your testing on it” so I did.
While there, I noticed their white ceramic tiles were quite nice. The one shown below is 3" x 12" and not what I would normally use (4" x 4" make great coasters and 6" x 6" are great for pictures). I inquired about what 6x6 and 4x4 would cost per box of 100 and found the price very competitive with the big box stores nearby and of such better quality that I asked to order some of each of my preferred sizes since they weren’t in stock. The lady (I’ll give you her name soon) told me to take a 4 x 6 that I was looking at, home to use for a test. Then she handed this one to me and said just bring this one back with our logo on it.
It was great practice and she seemed quite pleased when I dropped it off today.
So, if anyone is in need of high quality tile, I heartily recommend you see Meghan Reilly at Sutter Buttes Tile LLC. I’m confident she will take good care of you.

Credits: Thanks to my Son-in-Law, for the large stack of hardwood moulding and the miter saw that I used to make this frame.