First Project - Ballast Point Sculpin Tap Handle

A friend of mine wants some custom tap handles for a few of his regulars that he has on tap. I get a few free drafts in exchange. One down about five to go.

This is my first time using my home built laser. It’s a 2.5w diode. On some open builds rail. Eleksmaker mana controller.

Funny thing is I kept having issues where light burn would continue to send grbl to the controller but the laser would just turn off and motors would stop. I would have to unplug the machine and power it back up to see connectivity again. After a day of troubleshooting (thinking it was some EMI or something causing a reset - which didn’t make sense as lightburn was still throwing code at it) I swapped it the arduino nano and its been running fine ever since.

Excellent software will be purchasing as soon as my trial is up.



Poly really made it pop!

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For a 2.5w diode, that’s bloody good!

More importantly, where’s “Ballast Point” made, and is it any good?

Here are the instructions I followed to build my laser (google leo69 2.8w mpcnc laser). I guess it is 2.8w however I was pretty conservative when figuring my driver so I may be a bit under driving it.
As far as sculpin goes it is an excellent beer. Goes great with spring bbq! They are up in San Diego, CA but have a brewhouse in multiple locations. One is in Chicago, IL (3 hours north of me). They have a few different ‘sculpin’ offerings including an ‘unfiltered’ and ‘grapefruit’ both of which are just as delicious as the regular. The sculpin fish logo is a bit too detailed for a lasered tap handle but I feel light burn did an amazing job dithering it.


Very little of what you said made any sense to me. :slight_smile:

I’ve no idea what sculpin is, or the fish reference.

I’m just a poor Kiwi - we make beer and coffee. Most of it is a brown colour and tastes pretty good.

Hahaha it is just a good craft beer. I should have my next tap handle done by this evening (if I get a chance to sneak home on lunch).

I’m sure you have had bud light lol. Maybe?


No. We don’t really get American beer. We have our own

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