First results engraving stones

I finally got a chance to try a ‘finished’ work after experimenting with engraving stones. Thanks to other’s work before me, I was able to quickly converge on a nice result:

Deets are:
Stone is about 70mm long.
power 60%,
speed 700mm/m,
Fill/Line Cuts,
BiDirectional Fill, No Overscan,
Line interval: 0.05mm (508LPI),
Number of passes: 1.
Line after Fill: 6000mm/m, 20% power.

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Nice work, something i’ve not tried yet. :+1:

What kind of stone is this?

Just pick up a stone you like and try, trial and error’s the best way :grin:

I tried it with Keith Richards and it didn’t go well…

:rofl: :joy: should have seen that coming… :wink:

How deep do you suppose that cut? It looks pretty deep. You could probably put a little colored paint in there if that was the sort of thing that amused you.

Guess I need to take a trip to the river. The only rocks around here aren’t very suitable.

Yeah, I was very surprised how much erosion there is, especially with such relatively low power. However, the line density may explain that. It’s sort of surprising that with the fill part you get good depth, but the relatively light weight line portion of the exposure really makes it stand out. I’ll measure the depth when I get a chance and post it here.

I’m not sure what kind of stone it is. The gray color makes me think slate, and it could be, having been river tumbled, it doesn’t seem stratified like slate.

I have a collection of stones I’ve found around the yard and a collection of silhouettes of insects and reptiles to engrave on them. My plan is to ‘drop’ these discretely around the yard for my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter to ‘discover’.


Where did you get the fil on your stone. Look good

It looks deeper than it actually is: 0.22mm
I think it’s the effect produced by the line cut after the fill. The fill leaves the edges with a slight taper and the line cut afterward cleans that up to a nice, crisp, vertical wall.

That one came from:

For rock engraving, I don’t think you need a high resolution image and most clipart and related sites have usable artwork. I use a lot.

If you want some flat finished stones, you can go to your local home store and buy tile like this;

Signed up on the forum just to be able to leave this comment, well that and I use lightburn so I am sure it will be a good place to be. LOL

Anyways on with the comment. I plan on doing some stones too and and I am looking forward to is on one side “Turn me over.” other side says something along the lines of
“You just took orders from a rock”

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