First time Acrylic

I cant seen to cut acrylic (first time try) its white with black background,
Using 65W laser. I keep getting flame when cutting through. The flame scorches the with surface. Started with boss Recommendations of 80% at 10mm tried different pSI. tried so may setting I lost my place.

What thickness of acrylic? How are you adjusting PSI? White is going to reflect energy, so that may have some effect on what’s happening.

Verify that your focus is sharp at the surface.Do you have air sssist? Flames indicate the power is there, not cutting thru suggests out of focus.

Well guys I misspoke I called the supplier it is actually a laser rated plastic (two color) and they gave me a whole different set of power and speeds. adjusted a couple of times and got it now. Thank you for the help

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