First time burning picture on plywood


I’m making a CD cover for a friend of mine. And he would like to have this picture on it. It will be burned on plywood.
I’ve read something about using ImagR to first convert it, then do some settings in LB.

Can somebody point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance

Hogstul 20 (1)

LB has good image editing features - you don’t really need to pre-process.

There’s a bunch of posts about setting up photo engraving.

Hi Frank, this is a nice and laser-technically interesting picture. It will be exciting to see the finished result. But the road to it is long and you have to test yourself with all the many setting options. Make a small representative clip and test, test and test.
You must also pay attention to the wood surface itself and the fiber structure, here I always try to orient the natural wood lines with, for example, the horizon or “at an angle” to something that does not irritate one’s eyes. Some pre-treat the wood with a baking soda solution.
Good luck and remember to show the result :wink:

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Project done.
This is how it turned out.
Customer is happy and so am I.

I will play a lot more with the settings.

Nice to have a happy customer.

This is on Baltic Birch with an Omtech 60W ruida 6442.

I think you will agree that your image is too dark. Lettering okay.


I would say the OP’s result is far closer to the original than what you’ve suggested.
Great job @Frankmikalsen , especially for a first plywood burning.

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Thank you.
Yes the image is dark so I don’t want it to be any lighter.
That’s how it should be