First time Rotary... this is going to be interesting

Well, I don’t yet have a need for rotary work, but I found a briefly used Monport Type-B wheeled rotary on Mercari and snagged it for $100. Took a chance, since it was used, but it showed up in reasonable shape. I replaced all 8 of the O-Rings because the originals were cracked and decaying from its apparent “time on the shelf.”

And of course the tinkerer in me had to design an internal hold down wheel and a stop block so I had something to 3D print. That took a few revisions, but I’m happy with the end result.

I also made a Leveling device that works really well.

This was the first actual engrave… just a test file on a cheap Amazon Tumbler.

It took a while to get the Steps per Rotation set correctly, but I got there.
It looks a bit better in the photo above than it does in my hand… but it looks like 200mm per Second at about 35% Power is clean enough on this particular Tumbler. I’m no speed demon, and in hindsight I should have probably modified that test file a bit to slow things down.

Not sure I’ll have a lot of rotary work to do, but at least I’m now set up for it.