First time running

I finally finished my project and a few questions came to mind. First question how to tell the laser what material I’m using and how enter length of wood ? Thanks.

i’m not sure to has well understood what you mean… you simply can’t “tell” the laser what material are you using. You can modify power and speed according with the material and a good starting point to do some test are the specifications your laser module should have. Something like this

Also you can’t tell laser the length of wood, you have a working area.

Just tell me… your project is exactly… what?


The photo answered my question. I usually use a circuit and you enter the material so I wasn’t sure if the laser was something similar. Thank you.

Which photo? Laser uses power and speed, and are those 2 thing that are used to engrave or cut. But also the power of diode is important, with a 2.5W laser you can’t cut a 8mm thick plywood

CriCut? Yes, the approach in LightBurn is different.
The Aufero and Ortur are similar engravers.
The Ortur first project video may be of help.


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