Fix for offset on a second pass after the machine was sent to home after the first pass

If this is happening to you after you attempt a second pass (not 2 passes) but a second pass after the it goes home after the 1st pass, the workaround is to go to the move section and click on “Set Finish Position”. The head will not go home, but stay where it started, then if you need a second pass, Play it again and it will go exactly over the same path as the 1st pass.

Reason I am opening a new topic with the fix, is that all topics that I have seen opened with this issue have been closed without resolution.

Here is an image with an example of xTool creative space, no issue and the LightBurn issue after 2 passes.

Thank you for your contribution. I’ll move this to the xTool section and pin it.

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I’m trying to understand the photo.

It seems to imply that in XCS home position is repeatable but that it’s not in LightBurn? Is this correct? I wouldn’t be surprised in up to 1mm variance in position post homing but nothing like what you show in the top-right.

There should be no mechanical or electrical reason why LightBurn shouldn’t have the same level of repeatability for homing as XCS.

Are you certain that there isn’t a cable or something else obstructing the home location as to impede the homing process? Looks like the issue is limited to the Y-axis.

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