FIXED - Crooked Letters

In my original post I was having issues with the letters I typed on the Lightburn software being etched a little crooked. We tried tightening the belt, loosening, etc.

We finally fixed it! And the engraving is cut in half by like 60%
Here is my solution if you want to make nice letters:

  • Go into adobe photoshop
  • Create a new file
  • Type your text
  • Delete background layer
  • Crop to size
  • Export as .PNG
  • Import .png file into Lightburn!

This may not be a fix all for everyone, but in my case it was night and day difference. We are still trying to fix the issue of engraving on actual aluminum, we are thinking a more powerful laser, but for our more expensive panels, the laser we have (15w) will do the trick.

I hope this helps anyone who may have issues. If you have questions please let me know. I will try to post pictures when I get caught up with work.
Have a great day

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