Fixturing Alignment Tooling onto Cut Table

I am operating a BOSS lS3655 155 Watt CO2 laser. I am cutting a sheet that needs to be accurately aligned with 10 holes on the cut area. Currently, we cut out matching holes out of two pieces of tape on the cut area, and then match the holes up by eye before our final cut. This process takes a while and it could work better.

I 3D printed a block with alignment pins, but I am having trouble fixturing it to the cut area accurately. The cut table appears to be aluminum and non-magnetic, and the corrugated holes are far enough apart that adhesive doesn’t work well. Ideally we would be able to remove the tooling quickly if we were ever cutting something large.

Any ideas for how I can fixture my tooling to the cut table, or any ideas/findings for alignment tooling?


Can you show a picture or sketch of your workpiece, it provides a better understanding of the task.
As a starting point for series production, I will make a template, it is the easiest and precis. , but by very few pieces I use my camera system in Lightburn, it works, after a little fine tuning, with tolerances of plus minus few tin part of a mm.

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I was thinking you could use metal cone spikes attached to a fixture. Set the project on the spikes aligning with the holes. Easy lift off and put new project in place.

Something like this.

I guess, I believe in jigs to align things…

I pitched out the honeycomb bed in mine and replaced it with a flat steel sheet that fit and held it snug.

I marked with the laser, hole to be drilled and did the drilling on the drill press.

Replaced the metal sheet, now have alignment holes pretty well secured in place and easy to remove.

Don’t know if this could work in your situation…

Good luck


Getting rid of the honeycomb seems to be a great solution, we are having issues with this anyway for cutting quality. I could use an alignment jig with pins that has a magnetic base, so we can easily move it off of the cut table. Have you had any issues with cutting since replacing the honeycomb?

Only in convincing people what a bad idea it is for air flow and cleaning… not to mention this seems to be one of the greatest causes of fire…

I’ve have mine almost three years… I got the steel plate less than a week after I got the machine…