Flakes on a glass engraving

Time to help the Noob! I just tried to engrave a blue pyrex baking dish from my kitchen. As per the settings on the Boss website I did 330mm/s at 27%, .065 interval. The engraving looked great for a minutes, then I noticed that the edges will flake off if you rub them with you hands. Tell me, wise ones, what did I do wrong?


Well, you’re exploding little craters in a piece of glass so there’s always a certain amount of “pointy residue” that needs to be washed off.

But if you’re getting chipping around the edges of designs, my experience is that usually means too much power.
With an 80w ruida machine I usually run glass around 400mm/sec & 15 - 20% power depending on how the glass reacts. (and glass doesn’t all behave the same.)

I’ve done a couple of Pyrex measuring cups and they seemed to play about the same as plain old soda-lime glass but I don’t have much experience with Pyrex.

The one caution I have is that I wouldn’t engrave a baking dish that was going to go in the oven. That etched surface is a great place for a stress crack to start and have a run across your dish. I had a scratched Pyrex dish explode in the oven once and it really sucks to have to clean ruined lasagna and glass out of the oven while you try to figure out what to feed your 4 dinner guests… :frowning:

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