Flickering Lines (Definitely a software issue)

A few months ago I upgraded my k40 with a ruida and lightburn. its been going great until this week, where I started having issues where my cut lines would flicker, creating jagged perforated edges rather than clean cuts (examples here https://imgur.com/a/rQMNCHZ with the acrylic that still has the protective film being cut before this issue). I did a bunch of usual troubleshooting, including updating lightburn, but what ended up working the first time was taking a new layer and giving it the exact same settings as my usual cut layer. that produced clean cuts, then when I went back to my normal cut layer it was working again.

Today, I was cutting fine for about an hour until the issue happened again. restarting lightburn fixed it, at least for now. Does anyone know whats going on? I really don’t what to constantly worry about a large job on a pricey work-piece getting ruined out of nowhere.

You can usually just drag and drop your photos on the reply window and it will upload them… As a new users there are some restrictions, but I’m not sure what.

The Ruida stores the complete ‘file’ in it’s own memory, unlike grbl which streams it…

If it fails, just restarting Lightburn will have no effect…

Maybe you better clarify what happened more precisely.


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