Floating License dropping

We are a school with many Mac and Windows PC’s… We have had an ongoing issue her for many months that so far has been unresolved. Evert time we use our LightBurn floating license (20) we need to enter our auth code - every new day we need to do this. I don’t know if this is a firewall issue?

So far our ICT department has not found any solution so I am asking for assistance directly. This is very frustrating! Any suggestions are most welcome?

Thank you for reaching out and also supporting LightBurn. We sent you a follow-up email with further instructions. It reads:

Have you configured the systems in question to use the floating license? You do this from the command line. You should have been sent these instructions when you purchased the floating key:

If the systems are not set up using a command terminal in administrator mode (or using sudo on the Mac) they won’t ‘hold’ the license key. If you’re just entering it through the UI in the license management page in LightBurn, that only works for that session, and you’d have to do it every time you run the software.

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