Flood Fill Question with version 9.09

Does the new version 9.09 turn flood fill on automatically? I just re-ran a job I had created 6 months ago (with a previous version) and I know I had flood fill turned off, because flood fill did not always works correctly in the old version. But when I rand the job today it behaved very oddly and when I checked I saw that the flood fill toggle was turned on.

So the question, Is the new version turning flood fill on without letting me know?

It shouldn’t be, no, but it might’ve been saved with that old file.

I am near 100% certain, I did not have it turned on with the old version since it was not working back then on the Ruida controller

It might have been on from before, from some former time when you used it - These flags exist and persist, even if you can’t see them. If you can’t see it, it won’t affect the job, but as soon as I enabled it again for Ruida controllers, if that flag was enabled from before, it would be active again. It’s possible this is what happened.

Oh, that’s right you hid the flag in some of the previous versions.

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