Flood Fill text in Material Test

Please reference the Silver7 preset in the material test.
The large numbers flood fill, seems regardless of text settings. It can be seen in preview, and on the material. 1.4.00. Galvo MOPA .
Looking at some of the other material test presets, see the same thing in the smaller numbers on some of the other presets but not as noticeable, really have to slow the preview down but it jumps around as well.

Silver 7.lbrn2 (30.7 KB)

If you watch the preview, and then look at this photo, you can see every where the flood fill takes a jump it skips a scan line. We typically don’t use flood fill with the galvos because of this. It is not a backlash issue or a timing issue, it seems to be a flood fill issue with the galvos.

FYI The “9” is 8mm tall and scanning at 0.001mm

This doesn’t affect the test rectangles, only the text, and it only becomes apparent on the larger text.


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