Flower design not fully burning

I am burning a design that has a sunflower in it. Sometimes part of the flower does not burn and not always the same part or sometimes all of it burns.

I think we are missing some information here. Can you describe the material and settings that you use with your laser?

If it is plywood you have varying problems with, you can try to search here in the forum for this issue. You will find lots of information.

The material is rock maple. It is solid hardwood not plywood. The pieces are about 3/32” thick and I am just engraving not cutting with a 60w Omtech at 850mm/s power is min 8% max 10%.

On my machine (also 60 Watt OMT) 8% is not enough to start the laser, my min is 8.5% -9% for minimum power.
Usually I adjust with the speed in the lower power ranges to get a more uniform engraving, but you have probably tried that already.

That’s pretty fast… What is the dpi, or is it a vector?

Will your machine run that fast? The speed limit is set in the ‘machine settings’…

@bernd.dk minimums are very good. Mine is about 9.8% if I want a good consistent lase.

Do you have a photo of the item?


I’m new to this but I believe its a vector? I traced a jpeg image of my logo in lightburn. As for how fast it will go I’m not sure also and really don’t have any way of measuring the speed other than timing a straight line run but don’t really care to know exactly. but the speed or power of the laser really doesn’t have anything do with my issue. the laser just isn’t turning on for all of one layer of my design. The “color” darkness of the line is pretty consistent just the laser doesn’t burn part of it. I attached a photo but these are business cards and a particular job/file might have three flowers on three cards two burn perfect the first one is missing parts of the flower.

Thanks for all the thoughts and help so far!

Also my laser starts burning “turns on” at 7.5% on this Maple.

Before they really laser they can draw a few mA. I’d suggest, if possible to move the bottom end up a little bit and see if that improves the output.

Mine lases at a higher percentage as it’s temperature increases. 7.5% is pretty low for a dc excited tube. I’d go for in the area of 9 to 10%, at least for testing.

I highly doubt that you make the stated speed if those are vectors.

Good luck


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