Flower lamp with leaves that sway in the wind

Flexible flower lamp:

found a flower lamp plan, gave it flexible leaves. then made the stem/base of the lamp. i did this leaving some holes for the wiring, switch, etc.

After creating that lamp, i didnt really like how the bulb was so visible… So i went back to the plan, and added in a framework of a different lamp, just to cover the bulb. Originally, the framework is used to hold ¨leaves¨, which wouldnt work obviously, so i designed some scrollwork inserts to use in their place. The actual leaves of the lamp, i made larger, wider, and eventually used a different ¨live hinge¨ pattern to make it less flexible (the larger wider leaf also meant were kinda droopy with the first live hinge pattern).

after much thought, i finally came up with a way to be able to glue it all together, except for a joint right where the bulb screws in, basically 2 cilindrical tubes.

im happy with it.


Very nice work Nick.