Focus Adjustment

I have a new Atomstack X7 Pro that I am trying to get working with Lightburn. When I fire the laser for focus adjustments, it is only lit for a couple seconds. There is simply not enough time to adjust focus. Is there a way to extend the time that the laser is fired?

The effect of engraving or cutting depends largely on whether the laser is focused, most of the existing laser engravingmachineson the market use a zoom laser, need to rotate the focus nut while staring at the laser dot with your eyes to observe whether thelaser is focused. Staring at the laser dot for long periods of time can damage your eyes (even with goggles), What’s more, it’sdifficult to distinguish small changes in focus, so it’s hard to find the best laser focus point. To solve this problem, we have abandoned the traditional zoom laser and installed a fixed-focus laser on the Atomstack engraver, with the specific focus point located 2mm from the bottom of the acrylic cover, and a fixed-focus piece is included in thepackage. To use the laser, simply adjust the height of the laser (one fixed focus piece away from the top surface of the object beingengraved or cut). The following is the specific operations:
A. Moving the laser head over the object to be engraved or cut.
B. Placing a fixed-focus piece on the object to be engraved or cut.
C. Loosen the Torx handle screw in the middle of the laser, and let the laser slide freely until it touches thefixed focus plate (after contact, you can gently lift the laser and take out the fixed focus plate).
D. Tighten the Torx handle screw in the center of the laser. Adjusting the laser distance
fixing screws
E.Take out the fixed focus piece and finish focusing

Its all in the manual, No need to have the beam on for focusing.