Focus issue? Sotftware or hardware? Sharp engrave one half muddled on other


Have no idea how to prhrase this issue. Laser seems in focus but now having issues with engrave clarity and power… images attached

for referenceNumbers on right half seem good but the numbers to the left side are mushroomed?
Also speed is 15 and power 11 but seems really dark for 11.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, pointing in the right direction… Thanks

Start with a good alignment check. This includes checking the output of the tube for it’s TEM mode or resonance… it must resonate in TEM00 mode to be useful.

I check mine before m1… I cut the targets out of watercolor paper…

You want a light enough mark to see how the power is distributed across the output beam.

If you have these three, they work…

  1. properly working tube
  2. clean and aligned optics
  3. proper focus

Good luck


Thanks for the response, useful tips. I had just spent the last 3 days replacing laser head and aligning tubes and mirrors. Spent so much time down in the hardware and got everything dialed in adn then this happened…
Didn’t even think that it might have been the material bubbling up in the middle🤦🏼…

Though the power situation is another issue. set low but still too dark.

You must recalibrate all your power levels, because the new laser has a different power output than the old one, even if the sticker says they’re the same.

If you were running the old tube for a few years, you gradually got used to its declining power output, so the sudden jump with a new tube seems rather large.

Enjoy the power!

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