Focus test and JOG feature requests


I bought the license for LightBurn today, have trust the developers eventually have the features i desire added. I know bugfixes will come first, but i’d really like to have these two things implemented/improved:

-Focus test, we need more settings, at least to be able to define the test dimensions X,Y i have a microscopic size machine, and would like to be able to set the test area to let’s say 30mm x 10mm
-JOG control via USB joystick (gamepad)

It’s a shame that LightBurn does not have the features you want when you even buy the program! But, it says very clearly on LightBurn`s page, TRY FREE BEFORE you buy. In these 30 days you could have found out that the program lacks the most important (for you) features and found yourself a better alternative CAM program.

Matter of fact, i discussed the JOG with the developers, please look up my related post.
If you are interested why i bought it: because it works on Linux while LaserGRBL doesn’t have a native version.

And what’s the problem with feature requests? Wouldn’t it be great if you could set the focus test to fit the material you have? Also using the joystick next to the machine while you can look at the test spot on your material would be a great feature, and it’s easy to implement.

We all have different machines and we do different stuff with them, so it’s not easy to please everyone.
I feel the features i mentioned would be useful. After all the other engraver software does have joystick support…

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I wrote it because you sounded so disappointed and mentioned that you paid for LightBurn.
Of course, there’s always something we all want extra in LightBurn, but I’m also very proven that for $ 40/80 I did not buy a warranty for everything from LightBurn.

“very proven that for $ 40/80 I did not buy a warranty”
Does that means something went south and you didn’t get help? Or am I misunderstanding something?

I wrote few lines of code, and i can use my joystick with LightBurn. But if it had native joy support, it would be much better of course. Also i can write my own focus test G-code, but if the feature exists in LightBurn, it would be great to have more customization.

I understand using a camera it becomes almost virtual-reality level goodness, but my machine is based on a mill, so i’d need some serious macro type lens to make something like that work.

Casaba, here is my apology, I think my poor language skills mixed with google translate make me not understand your first post properly. Sorry

No problem!

I learned there are a lot of critical patches the developers have to worry about, so eventually i’ll be happy if they add a hotkey for the Z+/Z- (that way i can send keystrokes instead of mouse action.

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