Focus Test - Boss LS3655

When I try to do a focus test the laser stops at 3.1 when running the test.
Test parameters are
start z 0
end z 5
speed 300
max power 20
min power 15
steps 30
High power laser mode enabled.

Device settings
enable z axis - on
relative z moves - on
optimize z moves - on.

I start with a focus distance of 8mm in the machine settings. I do a focus z. I have my origin set. I can see each line being done on the laser control screen but when it hits the 3.1 it just hangs the laser. I can only hit the reset button on the laser to get it to come out. If I hit stop or esc it does not let me have control of the laser. I have run this multiple times and it always locks up at the same spot.

I am running 0.9.23 with the latest patch / windows 10 pro / ethernet connection to laser.
Other than the focus test not working , lightburn seems to function correctly.


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