Focus Test on Boss LS 2436

i’m having trouble with the focus test. here are the steps i’m taking.

i get the z position after i autofocus the machine (it’s 8.2). i set 8.2 as my starting position and 18.2 as my ending position. then use an interval of 20 steps so it’s changing by .5. when i try to run the laser test job it moves up into the laser head then back down. as if it is trying to autofocus each time. it’s not a huge amount (the spring for the autofocus takes the impact before it moves back down) but it tries to move on the x and y axis while it touches the material and ends up shifting the material around. can anyone help me figure out what setting i’m doing wrong?

It’s moving to the ‘material height (mm)’ setting between cutting moves if you don’t have ‘Relative Z moves only’ set in the Device Settings. If you have left the material height value as zero, that’s likely what’s happening.

thanks, i will investigate that!

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