Focus test - unintended movement and crash


I’m using my machine with absolute coordinates. I used it before with the actual position setting. I changed today something on my laser head and wanted to do a new focus test. When I started it moved my laser head from the top-left corner to the bottom-right direction. Up to now it did the focus test on the actual position. Now it started to move with high speed until it crashed my laser head into a block on the table (I did not clean it, I did not think that it will drifting over my table). My Z-axis totally deformed and also my laser got a hit (I tried to emergency stop it, but I was not enough fast).

Why does that, why does it move the laser over the table for a simple focus test? Isn’t it better (and safer) to do the test on the actual place?


I just reviewed the g-code for the focus test and it seems to respect Absolute Coords or Current Position correctly. With Current Position there’s some initial movement because the focus test itself needs some space to fit the test.

With Absolute Coords seems like the focus test is designed to work close to the center of the bed.

Perhaps there was a different issue or something unique about your setup?

My issue was you what you wrote:

With Absolute Coords seems like the focus test is designed to work close to the center of the bed.

This was my problem. Why move to center? Who want to do a focus test on the center and why? :smiley:
So I understand that it’s work like that, but if you are inattentive and leaves absolute coords, then you laser will go to the center, as my did.

I guess question is why not center? It has to pick some position. No position would have been the right one except for where you happen to be in that case.

I think a framing operation would have potentially saved you. But I guess if you assumed you were working in current position it might not have occurred to you to do so.

Yes, It’s true.

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