Focusing after cleaning

Does anyone know a proven method to reset the focus after cleaning the lens. My method is trial and error and it can take me a few hours to perfect.

You should conduct a “Ramp Test”. Once you know the proper focus height you should cut out a piece of material that fits that focus that you need. That way you can slide it under the head and tighten manually. (I’m assuming you have a diode laser?) even with a CO2 this would work

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The lens is the last in the chain, mirror 1, then mirror 2, then mirror 3 and finally your lens. So after cleaning the lens there shouldn’t be much in the way of adjustments to do.
What I would recommend is cutting yourself a Beam Checker from 3mm Acrylic, stick some masking tape over the 5-holes and use it over your nozzle, test pulse on low power and check that you beam is centred.

Beam Checker.lbrn (12.3 KB)

I think he’s got an LED. Don’t know if that will fit. It sure won’t on mine.


Oh yeah, of course, beam checker it not going to help with that :roll_eyes:

This will work with either laser. It’s about finding the focal point.


Great video, thanks! I’ll definitely be using this method and making a guid tool.

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Thanks JMichael, My diode is 450Nm and with variable focus. do you have lengths for that? Also, do you have a length for the adjustable part? Sorry, my terminology is not good today. I was able to cut a piece of 1/4" Birch ply in 8 passes, but not anymore.

Thank you LaserWillie, this is a really good video. Is it the same for the adjustable type diode? I can set the height for the diode, but I’m lost when I need to fine tune the adjustable lens.

Yes it is the same. You just find the appropriate distance and make a guide for that distance.

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Thanks my friend.

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thanks again, I’m backed up with jobs right now, but as soon as I can, I’m going to build one.
So you stated 405 Nm variable focus Diode is 56mm, is it the same for a 450Nm also?

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