Following Up on My Beginners Issues

Good Morning!

Well, It’s been about 6 months into my laser experience, and I’m glad to report that I’m becoming very pleased with the results of my efforts!

After months of tweaking, I finally got the mirrors perfectly aligned. I upgraded the air assist system. The LP solenoid is wired to Output 2 since it is only live while the laser is running. When the Lightburn air assist is off, I get low pressure air, when its on, both solenoids are open which is of no concern because I’ll never get more air than the level at which I set the regulator. I installed extra LED lights (wow they get hot!) and a larger DC power supply since the original unit was really heating up. And I installed a resettable hour meter ( wired to Output2) to help with maintenance schedules and tube life.

All of this would not have been possible with you! Particularly, I’d like to thank Jack, Ed and Berndt for your very patient assistance! You guys are ther best!!!

Thank you all.