Font drop-down issue with new update?

I’m using an Ortur Laser Master 2 with an 10W Endurance laser on windows 10. When I updated from version 0.9.18 to version 0.9.19, when I select any font that I have placed in the work area and try to scroll through the fonts from the font dropdown list it’ll only scroll through 3 fonts. I’ve reverted back to 0.9.18 and it works fine.

Reboot your computer. We had one other user claiming that all his script fonts had vanished, and after a reboot his font list is normal again. Nothing in the 0.918 to 0.9.19 update changed in a way that could cause this.


So I re-installed 0.9.19 again and then re-booted the PC but got this issue again. I reverted back to 0.9.18 again and it works fine. It’s not a big problem for me as I’ll continue to use 0.9.18. I just wanted to highlight the issue to you.

Are you using the arrow keys to “scroll through” your fonts, or opening up the drop-list and using that? I think the arrows are just flipping between your “recent” fonts, but if you open the box and choose a different one, then you can flip through the whole list.

I’m using the arrow keys and yes, on version 0.9.19 they are scrolling through recent fonts. All fonts are there and when I select one they just get added to the recent list when using the keys. When using 0.9.18 I can flip through the whole font list using the arrow keys

We’ll look into it.

I can verify, as I was going to report this same issue. I regularly use the arrow keys on the keyboard to scroll through the font list to either look for a similar font to a customer request, or a pleasing font for something, etc. I used to be able to select a font, then arrow down through the list, changing the active text in the window to the fonts as I scrolled through. Now, when I hit the down arrow, it immediately goes to the first font in the recent list. The other issue is that if you have text on the screen set to a particular font, and click the font dropdown, it doesn’t stay at the font you previously had selected, instead it jumps up to the recent list and you have to scroll all the way back down that what you had selected again.

This is all with 0.9.19. Can’t recall for sure if the issue existed with 0.9.18, as I didn’t do much work with it before 19 was released.


A number of users complained that when they chose a font from the ‘Recent’ or ‘Favorites’ list, they would like the font entry highlighted there instead of from the master list. The problem becomes that every font you choose gets immediately added to the ‘Recent’ list, so that’s the only place your cursor chooses from now. We’ll likely just revert to the old behavior.

Thanks. I think that the old behavior is more conducive to design work and is in line with how Corel and others do the font list.

Appreciate all that you do, LightBurn has been a game changer for sure.

I’m having the same issue… I reverted back to ver 16… Working again as I would like it to. Can scroll thru fonts with the down arrow…
Where can I find version 18 if I never saved it on my computer?

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