Font engraving distorted and not lines up

I set placed font from lightburn to engrave into a piece of 1/8” BB. I set it to fill and 75 speed and 15 power and when I went to check on it the letters were lined up and it looked like poop. Any help?

Please let everyone know what type of machine (controller) you have and what 75 is. 75 mm/ min, 75 mm/ sec, 75 mph :stuck_out_tongue: (joking), 75 in/ sec…

Knowing the controller type you have will go along way for us to help.

I have a 80 watt Chinese laser with the ruida controller. mm/sec

That’s not by any means too fast or fast enough to normally cause skipped steps or slipping of a belt. It’s actually really slow for engraving.

  • How long have you owned / used this machine?
  • What size is the bed?
  • Can you post your controller settings?

I got this laser 2 weeks ago and the bed size is 28” x 20”.

I began having issues right away with the laser set at 20mm/sec and power at 40% not being able to cut through 1/8” Baltic birch. I aligned the mirrors, cleaned them and still was not cutting through the material. So I contacted the seller and they ran me through several diagnostic tests and believe that there is a split in the laser beam causing it faulty and are going to send me a new laser tube. The tech said that I should be able to run the laser at a slower rate and higher power until my new laser tube arrives. I ran it yesterday and engraved some words on a piece and it didn’t have any issues but for some reason today this began happening.

The tech said that if the new laser tube installed didn’t fixed the issue then it would likely be the power supply and they would send me a new one also. Does this sound right?

Yes. The laser PSU, the laser tube, and several other things can create similar undesirable results like that.

Specific to the laser tube or power supply, blocked edges can happen due to delay in the excitement of the gas in the tube. That could be a bad tube or bad PSU. So what the support is telling you is probable.

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