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When setting up for engravings and matching incoming designs, I find myself dancing a bit between illustrator and lightburn centered mostly around what I think is a gap in font handling. It appears to me that Lightburn enables Font Family selection, but has no means to select Font Style (different from, but similar to some fonts covered by the bold, italic toggles in the current UI).

I don’t know what it would take to include Font Style as well as Font Family, but it would keep me out of Illustrator in many of my production jobs.

Helvetica Neue is an example of a font w many variations. Several designers I work with like to stay in the family and vary the style for their typography. It would be super helpful if I could use those in Lightburn alone (without having to do outline dances).

This is workflow sugar for me, would make things easier and deeper. Thanks for hearing my feat request.

Time. You don’t happen to have a bag with some extra you could send along, do you? :slight_smile:

But seriously, thank you for this post. Time is what it will take. Font management and handling required some initial work and has been filling out over time. We continued to enhance our support for text elements and supporting ‘Style’ is on the list to do, soon-ish. :slight_smile:

I get you w the time, i get pressed on the same w my day job.

Not sure if you take PRs from friends, or if my skills would translate, but I would take a shot …wait does that mean I might have a couple satchels of time to offer?

If it is on the radar, that’s great though. I appreciate the solid work you all turn out and the cadence with which it is released - stay nimble.

Some of what is coming next…:slight_smile:

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We currently rely on the font handling provided by the framework LightBurn is built on, and that doesn’t give us great access to some of the deeper information provided by fonts. I’ll likely rewrite it to be completely internal at some point, but that’s a large undertaking (I’ve done it before, so I know the scope of work involved).

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Wow, what a fantastic set of enhancements, great job!



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