Font Issue getting outlined letters

I am getting outlined letters in any font I pick. How do I set for not outlined.

Are you referring to on-screen or in the final burn?

If on-screen only then this is likely because your display is set for wireframe view style. You can change this to a Filled style in the Window menu.

If you mean in the actual burn this is likely because you are using Line mode instead of Filled mode for the Cut setting.

Learn more about this here:
Overview - LightBurn Software Documentation

It always helps to get a picture of what the problem is. Please post a screen shot.

On windows, press left shift+“S”+windows to open the snip tool. Drag a box around the part of the screen you want to copy and let the mouse button go. Your image is now on your clip board.

Come back here, reply to the message and press CTRL+“V” to paste.

Thank you Jim, Here 'ya go


Here ya go, Tom :smiley:




Thank you very much JimNM, that worked!!
Now how can I make those letters thin print? like this “Example” vs more bold

I’m confused. Did you not read my initial response which addressed this?

Can you elaborate on what this means? A mockup would be helpful.


@berainlb Berainlb - you nailed it on the explanation. I added a few illustrations to make it easy to follow. You get the credit for the diagnosis :smiley:

I’m unconcerned with the credit. More confused about where this fell through the gaps.

I think you need to:

  1. make a text box with your desired content

  2. click away from the text box (on the select arrow)

  3. click back on the text box to get the drag handles to show. Then stretch and smash to the dimensions you want.


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