Font not found, but it's installed

Hey I’ve been using this font without issue for some time now but when I open the program it says font not found.

You can be sure its installed, as can be seen in this image.

What could be the issue here??


Huh, now its working again…




I’ve done more testing, this appears to be some kind of bug, Adobe/M$ is fine… Whats the limitation with LB?

Sometimes the font samples dont show in the font selector menu, other times the fonts cannot be found in the list. Obvious when I open a file I was working on and LB suddenly can’t find the font of the file I was just using…?

Something happened to me after format my computer. Some fonts did not match the ‘exact name’.
Now I have a backup for the most used fonts

I can assure you the name matches and the solution is related to something in Lightburn, I think you reference my previous photo where the font appears as part of a stack.

When the stack is open you can see them all…

Name is identical.

I too backup everything in several locations, loss of a computer is very real threat.

I have a feeling this fix will need to come from Lightburn. I don’t know if this program is caching the font names or what but no other software have this issue. And I have close to 7500 fonts installed.

Well just got the error again out of the blue. I can assure just like last time that the font is in fact installed. I know this becuase I was just using it. Too bad I closed the Lightburn file I was working on then opened a different project to confirm a specific, then went back to the original.

Now I have another error, something is wrong with the way this program reads fonts…


…and here it is installed.

Please also note there appears to be some bug with how the fonts are displayed. Sometimes they show like this.


Which sucks because I like to see the font before clicking on it.

And other times it looks like this, which is how it should.
working fonts

I know the cross-platform development environment we use has some limitation on the length of the font list because it starts to get extremely slow at some point. Checking with the team, over 2000 fonts, we simplify the rendering to assist… Beyond about 4000 though, these limitations become much more apparent. :slight_smile:

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