Font selection changes

When I want to insert text I have an issue with the font changing. I’ve tried first clicking to place the cursor and then changing the font, tried first changing the font before clicking to place the cursor. In both cases the font changes back to a microsoft sans serif. After this I can change the font to the one I want, then click to place the cursor and type. After this the font stays as the one I selected.

It works but this is not what i expect. I haven’t found anything here addressing this issue.

Windows 10 Pro, up to date version 1903. Lightburn says it is up to date.

I just click the text tool, click relatively near where I want the text, type some text, then change the font. Why do you need to change the font first?

I don’t “need” to change the font first, just expected it to work that way. I’ll try typing first and then changing. Thanks.

I just figured if there was a necessity for it, we could find a work around.

This works. It seemed like a lot of steps but now I see that I was trying to do it the wrong way. Operator malfunction :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

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I’ve never noticed that before - it should absolutely work the way you were expecting it to, as well as the way it works for Blake. I’ll have a look.

This appears to have happened when I added the ability to edit multiple text objects at once. I’m working on it now.

Every bug fix introduces three new bugs :slight_smile:

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I found a few bugs in the text behaviour. This has been cleaned up a lot for the next release.

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nice, thanks…

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