Font selection painfully slow

Hello all, new to the forum, thank you for having me! Have been running Lightburn on a windows 10, i7, 16 gig ram for about a month. Current version 0.9.20. Recently installed all of my wife’s fonts, over 7,000 of them and when I select the type tool and select the drop down font selection, first there is a 2 to 3 second lag just to see the list followed by painfully slow scrolling response, even sometimes with a “lightburn not responding” freeze up.
Anyone else experience this. Thank you so much for the input!

Over 7000 fonts? I’m not surprised scrolling is slow.
You need a good font manager so you can load only the ones you’re most likely to need.

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Thank you for your reply Hank! In defense of the # of fonts, we actually utilize these fonts in Photoshop work over the past years with no scrolling/selection issues. I understand what you are saying though. Still trying to understand if there is a limitation within Lightburn as programs like word and photoshop have no issues. Thank you again!

@aspencreekdesigns That sure is a lot of fonts!
This will take a little bit of research on our end but I’m working on it…
In LightBurn 0.9.17 we added SHX font support which required an overhaul of that UI element. It might have made things slower, but I’ll have to test. It’s entirely possible it would still be slow from before those changes. I’ll have to install 7000 fonts and check with the old version to be sure.
I’ll get back to you when I know more.

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Adam, thank you for your attention to our issue!
This may help you to know that we started with the trial version 2 months ago prior to receiving our machine. Honestly the fonts were loaded during that phase of learning the program, which we love by the way! Since then there has been version updates including the .20 that we performed last evening.
We have not done any design work with text for several weeks and do not remember the slow loading font issue in earlier. Thank you again Adam!

Interesting. Thanks for the timeline, that will certainly help narrow it down!

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What version of photoshop are you using?

I ask this because I installed a bit over 7000 fonts yesterday and even in Photoshop it’s completely unusable. It took ~20 seconds for the dropdown to appear and then the whole program crashed. This is with the latest Photoshop CC

I’ve found the same basic thing in multiple other windows applications such as:

  • Wordpad (fonts dropdown just never displays)
  • LibreOffice (this was actually the best, the fonts show but you often can’t select them)
  • Chrome (dropdown is painfully slow to open)

This is all on my code development machine which is extremely beefy.
I’m still looking into if there’s a way to improve it. Just wanted to get some clarification from you since I can’t seem to reproduce it working ok in Photoshop.

Ok, so I’ve dug into this more and it would seem that a big part of this is just a limitation of the programming environment we use for LightBurn. It seems to be a known issue that the built-in font chooser doesn’t handle that many fonts all that well.
Fortunately, we are using a custom version of that so I have a little more control over it.
We may eventually just rewrite it completely but that would take quite awhile and it’s pretty rare we have someone with as many fonts as you.
So, what I’ve done for now, which will be in the next release, is to update the font chooser to not try to display all of the font choices in those the actual font. Instead, if you have over 2000 fonts installed it will simply show the font name in whatever your current system default font is. I’ve done some testing and this is considerably faster - the font drop down shows up on less than 1/2 second and is quite usable.
I realize this is a little bit of a step back in that you won’t be able to see a preview of each font in the font chooser but at this time there isn’t much else we can do to make it actually usable with the number of fonts you have.
So be on the lookout for the 0.9.21 release - I don’t have an ETA currently but hopefully it won’t be too long until we push that release.


Thank you so much Adam!! We look forward to the .21 release.

We are using photoshop CC version 20.0.05.
Also, in our word and similar programs, fonts load completely fine.
My wife would commit hairy carry if they loaded slowly as she uses photoshop 4 hours a day designing.
Not to worry, sounds like the .21 release will make a leap forward which is more than we could have asked for. Thank you so much Adam!

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