Font style selection not possible

Good morning

Have installed 3 styles of a font as TTF format under macOS (OTF doesn’t work at all).

Now when I want to select a specific style, Lightburn only offers the standard selection with bold/italic and so on…but the font list doesn’t show the styles for my font, which are:

  • regular
  • alternate
  • doodle

Will there be in near future an update to this problem?

Also any chance OTF will work on day on macOS?

thanks in advance

On my Linux box, it uses the defined system fonts. If it’s installed in your system it should show up in the font menu.

Are you sure it’s installed…?.. can you find it in other programs that use your fonts… just checking.


Of course the font styles are shown in other programs like Vectornator:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-13 um 07.06.18

Just can’t select the different styles in Lightburn.

Besides…why doesn’t Lightburn allow to change a font when it isn’t available on the system?
I can select the text but the font menu is grayed out:

LightBurn stores a path based representation of font text in addition to the text and reference to the font in case the file is viewed by a system without the font installed. When opened on a system without the font, the path-based representation is used as a backup.

Because of that, the path based representation is not treated as text but rather as a set of shapes.

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