Fonts to make plaques

I use many fonts to in Award plaque engraving some smaller in letter height are not as smooth as they should be, is there something I am missing in Setup

That’s really dependent on the font foundry. Some are just not made to a good quality.

Have a look at some good foundries, like Adobe. You will see that they can scale infinitely and remain smooth.

I’ve found a lot of the free TTF fonts to be pretty blocky, where the opf fonts tend to be a bit smoother and scale better.

Are you using bought or copied fonts?

If you are engraving them, what are you using for your interval or lines per inch value? The default is 0.1mm / 254 lines per inch. Going to 400 or 500 lines per inch (0.075 or 0.05mm interval) can make a big difference for small lettering.

These are both 5mm high (zoomed in), with the top one using 0.1mm interval (254 lines/inch), and the bottom using 0.05mm interval (508 lines/inch):

You can also use the ‘Fill+Line’ setting to have the software trace around them with the laser after it’s done. It takes longer, but if you use a lower interval with Fill+Line, you get very crisp curves, and usually in less time than just a high lines-per-inch fill.

Like this (the middle one is 0.1mm interval, with Fill+Line mode):

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Thanks to everyone for the good information
I will ask another question
The tool icons that will center selected item are Greyed Out, do I need a LB upgrade for those to work ?

Tools are almost always ‘context active’ - meaning that they only light up when they’re appropriate. If you’re talking about these tools:

They align multiple things to each other, generally the last thing you selected, so you need to select more than one thing.

If you simply want to put an item on the middle of the page, that would be this:

That only requires one item selected.

Is this what you’re asking about?

Ok, and Thank you for the help
I was working on a small Perpetual plate with 4 lines to be engraved
So I selected mirror and that worked fine just for a test. It would be handy to say select a line and center it in the box that surrounds the selected text, it looks like those that you pictured are Greyed out

If you select the line and then the box, they won’t be grayed out any more.

OK, That make sense— Will try tomorrow and let you know, Thanks Again

Mike in Irvine Ca

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