Foot switchable red light frame

Just switched to Lightburn Galvo to hopefully simplify using two very different software for my two lasers. One feature that I am missing that I don’t think is implemented in Lightburn Galvo is being able to turn on red light framing using a footswitch. It is very handy for lining your next job without going to the PC to start the red light framing especially if the PC isn’t within arm’s length!

Contacted Lightburn support and they said I would need to put in a feature request and it needs votes to get added in a future release. Since I added the footswitch myself and also because the feature isn’t well documented, I doubt most even know EZCAD did this. Does anyone else use this feature in EZCAD?


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It would be nice to have the option to use the foot switch for something other than initiating the laser…

I looked at my JPT manual… how to do it doesn’t seem too clear to me…

Put in the feature suggestions… we’ll see who salutes…


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