Found and old picture of my Dad and Grandfather - relief engraving

Ran on an Ortur “15w” (4.5w) image processes in GIMP then further edited and cut settings established in LightBurn, which then the code was exported and actually sent to the diode with LaserGRBL. I stole the image from my sisters instagram, so if I had access to the original picture I might be able to tease out a bit more detail, however relief engraving on wood is going to be limited anyways, especially the crappy low cost birch that I have on hand in large amounts.

Only prep of the wood was sanding, otherwise ran with a Jarvis dither at 95%. Took 14.5 hours for the 10x10 but I think the results were worth it. I have found that cleaning after the burn using the up&up “flushable” cleansing cloths works better than a wet paper towel

Very nice job :+1:!

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