Found bug in layer order after delete / undo

Hi Lightburn team,

I found a bug in v 1.0.06 (Windows 10), which was present in some previous versions as well.
If would be great if this could be fixed.

After deleting a part of the design in Lightburn followed with Undo, the deleted section is restored, but the layer order is messed up.

Hi Lightburn team, if you’re able to reproduce this issue could this be fixed in the next update? This bug is very annoying and if I’m correct haven’t seen this in older (e.g. in some pre 1.0 versions)

Hi Dennis - I checked into this with the rest of the dev team and it appears that while not ideal this is expected behavior. I tested a few older versions back into may of 2020 (9.13) and this was still the behavior.

We have added layer order preservation to our extensive list of to-do’s so look for it in future releases but it likely won’t be in the next release. Thanks for pointing this out!


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