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Hallo, leider ist meine Testversion abgelaufen. Welche muss ich für den Atomstack 5pro kaufen?
Wie lange dauert es, bis ich die Lizenz bekomme,?
Sollte zum Wochenede was lasern.
Danke euch, bin noch neu auf diesm Gebiet

If your test version has expired, you are probably a little late for it :wink:
But I think the buying process is automated, so when you pay it today you should also get it activated “immediately”, i.e. gets an activation code.
PS, I mean you should buy the smaller version.

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I believe the Atomstack A5 pro is a GRBL machine. This means you could use either license because the DSP license includes G-code capability. If you don’t need DSP you can save money and get the G-code only license.

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der LightBurn-Software - GCode-Lizenzschlüssel für 54,95 €?

was ist DSP?

Very simple to say, a more advanced controller system which is most common in the CO2 machines.

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Which you can upgrade to later I might add, as needed.

Yes. This should work for your laser.

Vielen Dank
Für wieviel PC ist die Software

The standard license is for installation on 2 computers but the LightBurn guys can be flexible to your needs.

You can find more information here:
How the LightBurn license works – LightBurn Software

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