Fragment left in cut area

New user here!

I just put my Chinese Blue/Grey 60 Watt laser with the Rudiha controller into use.

While cutting some 3mm birch ply, I notice that where the laser “reconnects” back to where it started (let’s say a circle), it leaves a small coupon or fragment uncut. It almost seems as though there is a tolerance setting that needs adjustment. I am cutting through fine and working on the feed and speed items, but the coupon is driving me nuts.

Thoughts on what this may be caused by?

If you using 0.9.16 make sure the “tabs” arent not selected as auto or manual? in the cut definitions

I heard of problems with that but unsure.

commonly, the controller is ramping up the power to cut and is missing the start of the cut by a mm or so.

You can fix it in software, but the ruida should have that set up by default - a lot of budget machines don’t bother calibrating such niceties, though.

this should explain and give you direction:

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