Frame issue, when using machine as remote

My machine is using the latest Ruida 6445g controller, and all is well, with the lat st light butn.

Im now to trying to control my machine from from imac. It cuts ok ,but framing is so inconsistent. Sometimes it just draws a line, or just two sides of a box.

Am i missing something… What are the best settings for this, i.e. use user origin , current position.

I love the flexibility of cutting this way, and really want it to work, without having to send files to the machine.

I welcome any help


Just want to add, that i talk to machine on the network, and not usb… Could that be the issue?

I have a similar issue when controlling from Lighburn. The frame goes to the opposite corner and draws the frame 1 and 1/4 times. When drawing the frame from the machine (same file just sent from Lightburn) it does it correctly.

The LB origin settings make no difference.

It’s not a big issue, but can be annoying on large cuts.

Well looks like it was because i was trying to control it via lan connection… seems solid on usb, touch plywood

Yeah i randomly have this as well. Sometimes the framing starts at a random corner, other than the one I setup as origin. Not a big problem on smaller cuts but the initial moving before the framing happens at the speed I currently have set on the machine, so when that’s at 10mm/s it’s going to take a long time…

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