Frame keyboard shortcut

Hi All.

My name is Wim,
I live near Amsterdam ,The Netherlands.
I am just starting to learn laser engraving with Lightburn

My English is not so good,I hope you understand me.

When i press the frame button with my mouse, and I’m holding the shift key the laser turns on and shows the place where the photo comes.
This is great. Only my laptop is not next to my laser setup! When i pressed the button and walk to my laser its half way finished with the framing.

My idea was adding a Usb Button on my enclosure.
And program it. Only problem is , its a mouseclick on a button en key hold down. I dont think i can program that.

Is there a key shortcut for frame with laser on?

Greetings from the Netherlands

Try this:

  1. Enable laser while framing in Edit->Device Settings
  2. Start framing operation with Alt-R for square frame or Alt-Shift-R for rubberband frame

Thank you Sir.
I will try this when i am home

Greetings from The Netherlands…

Another idea worth trying is request the Frame three times with the shift key held down. It will frame three times consecutively, giving you an opportunity to line up your work.

I offer a friendly reminder at this time to not use your laser remotely or unattended. A fire extinguisher may be a wise investment.


Oh wow. I didn’t realize you could queue these up.

Hi …

I try your solution.

It works when pressed Alt+Shift+R.

The option Alt+R don’t work ?

I am looking for a HID two Button Keyboard.
And i will program the two buttons.

I download a program called mouse x button.
And i change de wheelpress button from my wireless mouse in a keypress Alt+Shift+R… the works for me at the moment…

Again thank you…


Thank you mr JohnJohn.

I like this option to.


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