Frame Not Working Properly

I have been using Lightburn for awhile now. Purchased license in 2020 and just updated PC and software today. On current version of Lightburn, also tried 1.0 with same issue.

When I press “Frame” Wether the rectangular one, or the rubber band style, the laser head starts to frame, but does not complete it. Only does 1, 2, or 3 sides, but rarely if ever all 4. I have a video of pressing the frame button multiple times one after the other and each time gave a different frame. Sometimes 1 side, sometimes 3, sometimes 2. Ive tried changing the origin to different locations even though rear left has been what I’ve always used with no luck. I also tried changing the Job origin with no change. Ive tried absolute coords, current position, and user origin and none have changed the fact it doesn’t frame all the way around.

Any ideas? Rudia 6445G

This sounds like a communication issue to me. How are you connected to the laser?

It’s connected via USB.

I had no issues before updating the computer and updating the license/software. It was working fine yesterday, but after updating the Mac and software it’s now having issues. I’ve tried going back to older versions of light burn with no success. I would go back to the older version of Mac, but they no longer support it.

There are known communication issues with Mac and Ruida controllers. I don’t know if it’s ever been narrowed down to a specific OS release or driver version.

I wonder if it’s possible that the OS update provided an updated serial driver that is behaving differently or is installed along side your existing driver and interfering.

What OS version were you on before and what are you on now?

See if this potentially applies to you:
How to Fix FTDI Driver Issue on Mac and macOS - Alorium Technology

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I will check that in the AM. I don’t think it’s an issue with USB disconnect because if I click frame and immediately unplug the usb, it still starts the frame like normal.

I was on 10.14.xx and now am on 12.6.xx I think? 12.xx for sure.

And to clarify, lightburn sends files to cut just fine. I was able to still cut multiple sheets just fine, but frame never worked.

That’s an interesting data point. So you absolutely never have problems in the transmission? That does seem to indicate that it’s not a fundamental problem. But the fact that you get different behavior each time to me implies something with communication.

I’m trying to think of a good test to try to isolate the issue but can’t think of anything particularly clever.

Do you have the ability to connect through Ethernet? That would at least tell you if the problem is with USB or something else.

Laser has ethernet port but my Mac does not so unable to connect via ethernet cable. I have a good amount of doubt that its the USB, if I turn off the laser output and have it “cut” (but just trace since laser is off), it will follow the entire cut path, even after disconnecting the usb. And in the past if I hit frame and disconnected the USB, it would still frame the entire design.

Ill still go through the FTDI fix just in case, but any other ideas?

I cut 3 different large sized projects with no issues last night.

Not so much. It would be nice if there were other data points or perhaps a predictable way of recreating the issue.

This doesn’t surprise me as LightBurn will send all of the instructions up-front. I’m trying to recall if there have been other incidences of communication issues only related to framing and not other operations but I don’t think I’ve seen that.

It would be nice if you could isolate the issue to your computer. If you have access to another computer with either USB or ethernet that would help narrow the issue.

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