Frame on Ortur LM3 20w

I’ve got a Ortur LM3 20w 400x850 laser. I’ve got everything right yesterday but where I get stuck is the Frame function. Whenever I do a Frame, the machine rapids fast to the Home position, hitting the frame hard and do the framing from Home position slowly to the other end of the X-axis. It ends up stopping at the Y-axis end and in the middle of the X-axis.

The machine has homing switches. I setup the machine so when it boots up it goes to the Home position automatically

A couple questions

Have you extended the frame on firmware $131 settings?
Is the machine homing correctly?
Can you take a few pictures of your Belt tensioners?

I didn’t extended the frame on Firmware. Where do I add the $131 for the extended frame?
The machine homes perfectly
The belt tensioner is adjusted to the line on the tensioner. The image I sent now, the tensioner wasn’t on the line but it is now.

Given that your Y is extended you must tighten them a bit more than marked

Both sides

OK, will do the adjustment now.

Where do I input the $131 because of the extension? I assume this code tells the machine its an extension and not the normal 400mm in X-axis.

In fact the tensioners are there where your red reference are. I’ve just checked now, my bad. I just took an old image to upload.

In the Console window, type $131=850
Press enter

Then try again homing. The Laser should home correctly without Alarm 9 or Alarm 8
Triple check the belts though, on the extended version is quite important to have them perfectly tensioned

I forgot to mention the machine goes to Home perfectly when it boots up without any alarms.

My only issue for now is the Frame function which I’ve mentioned in my first post.

I still have to test my YRR 3.0 and Y-axis Rotary Chuck.