Frame option is slow

My frame out option is very slow now didn’t used to be that way and I have changed nothing. it used to be very fast now it just creeps slowly what can I change to fix that

When you push the “Speed” button on the controller, what speed is it set for?

The speed the ‘Frame’ runs is taken from the ‘Speed’ set in the ‘Move’ window.

For Ruida Controllers:

  • The jog buttons on the machine use a speed value that you enter in the controller itself
  • The frame command or jog in LightBurn uses the speed in the ‘Move’ window
  • Cutting and Engraving use the speeds you specify in the cut settings
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Ruida controller?

Yes, unless you have a slower limit set in the controller. Sorry, I provided information that might be confusing, so I have updated. Thanks @Hank. :slight_smile:

I guess I mostly do frame from the controller itself and rarely from LB. I’m standing right there watching it frame and the controls are right there by my elbow…

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