Frame Preview behavior not what I would expect for grouped objects with mixed layers

Frame preview behavior in Laser control section doesn’t match with expectations or actual output.

If I have a grouped object consisting of two separate objects, each object on its own layer where one layer has “output” set to off while the other is set to on, the laser will trace the preview shape of the entired grouped object without respect to the “output” setting.

This is different than the actual ouput as well as the Preview function. Is this expected behavior or a bug? Easily worked around but curious if I can expect this to change.

Please show us an example, so we can ‘see’ what you are observing. Are you saying the Frame is producing for the shapes that you have the output turned Off? Screenshots of the entire LightBurn screen as well so we can see the settings used.

Edit: And post the lbrn file for review if you are willing.

I’m attaching an annotated screenshot of steps to reproduce the issue as well as an example lightburn file. I mocked up the file and haven’t tested it on my laser but these are the same conditions as what caused the issue for me earlier.

Appreciate the review.


example file:
grouped object bug.lbrn2 (9.3 KB)

This has been my experience all along. If I want it to frame only part of what is on the work surface, on the Laser tab I turn on Cut Selected Graphics. Then I select the pieces I want to frame and it frames just those.

Thanks Gregg. I use a similar workflow using Cut Selected Graphics. What was counterintuitive to me in this case was that the laser trace from the Frame button reflects the entire grouped object while the actual output and the Preview function show only the expected output of a portion of the grouped object.

I agree. I think what’s it’s doing is framing everything on the workspace even if not being output.

I agree it would be more intuitive and useful if it ignored items not being output or that are off of the workspace.

Hopefully they will change the way it works at some point.

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@Rick Any insight on this? Bug or working as intended?

I have not dug into this deeper as yet. Work is currently being done that has us looking at the framing code again, adding to and address how framing is done, which we should be folding in shortly, next release or two. :slight_smile:

No worries. Appreciate the update.

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I am experiencing similar framing issues even without grouping. If I have two rectangles one on T1 (larger) and one on T2 (smaller inner) and turn off framing on T1 no matter what I do it always frames T1 and even the framing Rubberband frames the T1 even with its framing disabled. There is definitely someone going on with the framing functionality.

Yeah. Other evidence in addition to yours suggests there’s a general problem.

From what I can tell the framing functionality doesn’t take into account whether or not a shape is being outputed under any scenario (e.g. grouped, tool layer, etc). That seems to be the common thread from the occurrences I’m aware of at least.

But seems the LightBurn folks are aware of the issues but unclear on what the priority would be.

Found a post that said they were aware of the issue and it has been fixed and will be in the next release. That post was 29 days ago and the OP included the version 1004 so I am assuming a release is coming soon.

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