Frame / Start Function Issues on AWC7824 with Lightburn Across All Versions


I’ve encountered persistent problems with the AWC7824 on Lightburn across all software versions, including 1.6. Despite the controller’s settings (like SoftOrigin), after connecting via LAN, the Frame function malfunctions: it shifts the head rightward along the X axis and halts. A subsequent Frame command moves it further right, where it again stops. However, pressing Start initiates the project correctly (except as described below).

This issue persists regardless of the connection type (USB and LAN). When the controller is set to Work Mode as SoftOrigin and Lightburn is set to Start from Current Position, the Frame operates from its current location, but pressing Start shifts the laser head to Absolute Coordinates, beginning work there.

Does anyone else experience similar issues with the Trocen AWC 7824 controller? Could this be due to my settings, or is it the charm of Lightburn?

Do you have “continuous framing” enabled in the device settings? Asking because in speaking internally with Oz, he notes: It’s possible that it doesn’t work properly on Trocen over network.

I have this function turned off, after turning it on the head moves continuously to the right along the x axis until I press stop or reach the limit switch.

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Thank you. Investigating further and will report back. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much.

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What firmware version do you have? Mine is, and works as expected with a USB cable. About to try a network cable.

Edit: Ok, with a network cable I’m getting odd results. Poking further.

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Thank you for checking this out. My firmware version is, it does not work properly on USB when I have Soft Origin on the controller and in Lightburn Current Position.

I just updated to and there are no changes.

I’ve found the root cause for this - it looks like the Trocen was either sending an update or a duplicate packet after a request, and I wasn’t fully flushing the incoming data before sending a new command. That meant the response to my command wasn’t what I was expected, and it errored out.

I’ve made it properly flush all incoming data before sending a new command and it’s much better behaved now. The continuous framing works now too. This will be in the 1.7 release, and I should have a beta of it posted in a few minutes I can point you to.


Thank you very much.

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Ok, the update is posted here:

This is a pre-release version of 1.7, so it will likely change before we formally release it, but it’s stable and the Trocen fixes are in it.

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Ok, I’ve tested it, and Frame over LAN is now working—thank you very much. However, I’m still encountering the same issue with both USB and LAN connections. When I have ‘Soft Origin’ set in the controller and ‘Current Position’ in Lightburn, the Frame operates in the current position. But, when I hit ‘Start’, the laser begins to operate in absolute coordinates instead. Everything functions correctly when both the controller and Lightburn are set to ‘Current Position’ or ‘Controller Settings’. Thanks again for the swift fix. For some reason, this controller doesn’t seem to be compatible with Windows 11 via USB (I’ve tested this on three computers), but fortunately, it’s now working over LAN :).

Quick update: I’ve noticed that the Frame still encounters issues during LAN connections, albeit infrequently, happening roughly once in every 15-20 attempts. These issues manifest in various sequences of actions—such as firing, moving the head, and then engaging the Frame—where the process occasionally gets stuck

Yeah, I’ve seen that as well. It’s better, but not solid yet. I’ll see if I can improve it.

Thank you very much, Lightburn has the best technical support I have ever experienced from software vendors. Fantastic job.


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