Framing 01.3.01

Is there a way to frame on a tool path after updating to 1.3.01

Some possible workarounds:

  1. Use “Cut selected graphics” and “Use selection origin”. From what I can see tool layers show when done that way.
  2. Some reports indicate that rubberband framing may still reflect tool layers

Ok im in the middle of a burn right now but ill play with it somemore later. Ive been changing the tool path to a cut layer and framing like that for workpiece placement, then switching back to tool path, but thats a bit of a pain

Any fix coming soon rather than a workaround?

This works for me on a CO2 machine. If it’s different on a GRBL machine I don’t know.


Oz has been clear that this is as-intended and working as designed. Apparently the previous behavior was not as intended but I know the thinking on how to better handle this is considered.

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