Framing button does not move the laser head

Machine is new,(I am new to laser), just trying to do the first project with lightburn, when on absolute position I can not get the framing button to move the laser head. It works when I do a project in Laserbox basic. I opened the console and it is full of information. Does that litle lever by the reset have anything to do with it not working? I have not just positioned my laser on the material and started the machine. I can preview the design.

Did you follow the video guide for the D1 made by LightBurn?

xTool D1 Laser Engraver LightBurn Set Up & First Project - YouTube

If not, suggest you step through it to see if you’ve missed anything.

If you have already done this can you take a full screenshot of LightBurn? Also, copy and paste the full contents of Console from after you connect here.

I did follow the video guide. I don’t think I missed a step, it recognized my device and when I turn my xtool on it goes to ready. But when Lightburn would not work the first time I un-installed the program and then re-installed it. Perhaps that caused the issue, but the string of information in the console is very very
long. At some point it just seems to repeat perhaps because I kept hitting the framing button. Here is a screen print with a little bit of the console message. If you need more let me know.

Looks like your controller is crashing. This is typically due to the firmware version installed.

Open Laserbox and check the current firmware version. LightBurn currently recommends V40.30.002.01B1.

If you’re not currently on this version then check here for how to switch to this version:
Laserbox Basic V1.3.0 Related FAQ – xTool

I should note that there is a switch on the board that you need to engage in order for the firmware to be updated. Then switch it back once done.

Please remind me which direction the switch needs to be in after I download the firmware and which direction it needs to be in when I am using the laser.

How does the console be cleared out?

From what I understand the switch needs to be moved toward the rotary to enable writes. Should be moved toward the reset button during normal operation.

You mean in LightBurn? It will continuously scrolls so doesn’t really need to be cleared. But every time you start LightBurn it will be clear.

Once I got back into Laserbox basic I was not able to see which version of firmware. When I select “check for firmware” and put in my device and hit connect nothing happens. But I am able to use Laserbox basic. Can you have both Laserbox and Lightburn open at the same time? Is there a way to start from scratch with Lightburn?

“uninstall and reinstall” with LightBurn is almost never the answer.

I believe that having Laserbox running and connected to your engraver will prevent LightBurn from communicating with it on the Same USB port.

I would close LightBurn, connect to the engraver with Laserbox and attempt the firmware change.

If you’re so inclined, this hotlink to the firmware should download it for you.

As @JohnJohn has indicated reinstalls generally aren’t the answer. And in this case the issue is not with LightBurn but most likely with the firmware which is installed on the laser’s controller.

If you can’t use Laserbox then perhaps just try using the firmware upgrade tool to upgrade to the firmware that @JohnJohn linked (which is the same version I indicated).

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I will give this a try. Please tell me which position that little switch should be in when trying to connect to machine, is it close to the reset button or not?

I answered this in an earlier reply. I believe the switch should be away from the reset button during the upgrade process.

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Sorry I did miss that. Thank you


With the density on this thread I can’t say I blame you. There’s lots of good stuff here to digest. I’m going to post this pic (found online) with the write protect/enable switch info.

It may be helpful to others in the future.
xTool D1 write protect switch

I had xtool help me with getting on laserbox pro (if has a new name). In doing so I was able to get my firmware updated. I am running a sample on lightburn now and I did get the framing to work. Now I just need to figure out how the library works. I bought a file for my d1 to download in the lightburn library but I don’t know how to use the library to get the material settings. The cross hairs coming off my diode are not very vertical, they slant a bit, should they be straight? Perhap when I added the air assist I messed it up? This is my first attempt. I thought my air assist would give me a cleaner finish. You can see I need to figure out how to align my project on my material.

But hey, I got it to work, yeah!


I still can’t run the xtool pro cuz it can’t find the tf card

Do you have 2 lasers? Is this a second one? Perhaps try reinserting the card. If that doesn’t work try reading the TF card on your computer. Does it open? If not, perhaps requires reformatting or a replacement.