Framing doesn’t work!

Hello, I’m new to using a laser, I recently got a Xtool D1 laser at the beginning of the year and I’m using the Lightburn software, it’s been working great but recently it stopped framing and if I start the project it only engraves a few small lines then stops. I’ve noticed the light on top of the machine is green then flashes blue when I click the “frame” button. I’ve tried pushing the reset button on the machine but that hasn’t helped. If anyone knows how to fix this it would be appreciated!! I haven’t been able to find anything helpful on the internet.

Can you post some screenshots of the job and laser parameters?

I had the problem once and had to reset the default parameters of the layers. Write down the settings you are using so that you don’t lose them and then reset. Hopefully, it will start working for you again.


Okay, I fixed my problem. I hadn’t cleaned my laser in awhile so it had some buildup on the rollers and it was preventing it from moving properly. Lesson learned, clean your machine!

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